At, our team follows a QA and PM first approach in software development.

This means that we place a strong emphasis on understanding your business and project needs, writing specifications, organizing the roadmap and development work, thoroughly testing, and delivering.

By prioritizing quality assurance, we ensure that the right increment is created for your users. Our project management practices ensure that we focus on what’s important for your business and promote team collaboration. We achieve this through transparent communication, regular progress updates that follow the Agile Scrum methodology, and using project management tools like Jira Software Management to track our team’s progress and ensure that we deliver the project with high quality.

Quality-focused software development with a business-driven approach. We prioritize your needs, collaborate effectively, and deliver high-quality results.


• Team of experts will work with you to understand your unique needs, goals, and challenges, and create solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.
• Custom product design services to help you bring your ideas to life and scale up your product.


• Native app development for iOS and Android devices, ensuring seamless collaboration and timely delivery
• Use of latest technologies and tools in our development process.
• High-quality mobile applications specifically tailored to your needs.


• Web applications tailored to your specific needs, whether you need to create a new web-based product or add features to your existing one.
• Expertise with popular frameworks such as Magento, WordPress, and PrestaShop.


• Develop high-quality APIs that respond to your integration needs or the user interface
• Thorough testing with Postman, Behat, and JMeter, ensuring AP is functional and performant • APIs developed with Laravel and Symfony

QA &

• Testing every single aspect of the product, focusing mainly on two stages: individual testing of a feature or component and regression end-to-end testing that ensures the system is stable as a whole.


• Cypress JS for frontend web testing, Postman and Behat for API testing, and LambdaTest for mobile automated testing. These solutions help us identify issues faster, reduce repetitive testing efforts, and ensure that the product is thoroughly tested.


• Prioritize features & manage the backlog for existing products or completely create a new product backlog.
• Use Agile Scrum methodology to deliver high-quality software, stay organized, and keep track of our team’s progress, using Jira

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